DWP_Logo_100x100  August 2014 Updates


This month's reporting improvements will include

  •   We will be modifying the Executive Report.
  • We will be making enhancements to improve the way graphs display in Executive Reports.
  • We will be adjusting the look of Executive Report charts to make the chart title easier to identify. The chart title will now appear as a header.


  • We will be adding the ability to create custom  Communicator menu names (for example: "Chat with <MSP> Service Desk").
  • We will be adjusting the way options and features are  enabled and disabled in the Communicator to reduce potential confusion.      With the August release, a selected check box will always indicate that an option or feature is enabled. An unselected check box will indicate that an option or feature is not enabled.
  • We will be fixing an issue that could generate an error message when sending SMS text via the Communicator.


  • On the Patches Home page, will be adjusting the behavior of the Deploy Missing Patches button. New button functionality will enable the "Deploy Missing Patches" option for all selected resources whose status is "Not Current," regardless of whether the resource has received a patch assessment. This will eliminate the need to find and de-select resources without a value in the "Last      Assessed" column when deploying missing patches to multiple resources.


In August, we will be re-categorizing a number of IntelliMon alerts from "Critical Impact" to "Critical Non-Impact." A full list will be published with the August product release. In addition, IntelliMon "Performance" alerts will be modified to allow alert-wise suspension and suppression.


Scripting improvements this month will include:

  • We will be improving the "Retrieve Internet Explorer History" script to include an "Access Date" column.
  • We will be adding support for Office 2013 to the License Key Retrieval script.
  • We will be fixing an issue that could prevent the  "Configure Screensaver Settings" script from successfully executing the "display logon screen" function.
  • We will be fixing an issue that could prevent the "Data Collector" script from successfully retrieving Google Chrome history data.
  • To avoid potential confusion, will be adjusting the help text for the Desktop Monitoring script to remove "server" references.

We will be updating our list of supported Application Installer and Uninstaller scripts to add support for the following applications and versions:

  • Adobe Flash Player 14 Plugin (v14.0.0.145)
  • Adobe Flash Player 14 Active X (v14.0.0.145)
  • Adobe Shockwave Player (v12.1.3.153)
  • Crypto Prevent (v6.1.0.0)
  • Java 7 Update 65
  • Java 8 Update 11
  • Microsoft.NET Framework (v4.5.1)
  • VIPRE 6 removal
  • VIPRE 2014
  • VIPRE Internet Security