The Coronavirus pandemic has created change!

Any number of things about how the world works have changed. One of the bigger and more noticeable changes is, of course, the fact that so many people are working from home these days. They're relying on video conferencing software in lieu of face to face meetings.

This year, Google, Cisco, and Microsoft have seen tremendous growth in the use of their videoconferencing services. However, it is plucky upstart companies like Zoom that have been the real trailblazers, leaving the tech giants to play catch-up.

The tech giants might have been a bit slow to respond to the changing paradigm, but they've got the resources to do it right. Recently, Microsoft has made changes to Skype that indicate the company is ready, willing, and able to compete head to head with Zoom.

New "Meet Now" feature

Among the recent changes the company has rolled out is the new "Meet Now" feature in Skype, which is a new icon that resides in the system tray of Windows 10, allowing for one-touch convenience when setting up a new video call. No need to log in, just click the button and you're off and running.

The new feature is generating a lot of buzz for Microsoft, and if you'd like to see it in action and test it out for yourself, and if you're a Windows Insider, just grab a copy of Windows 10 Build 20221 and install it. Be sure to check out the company's blog post about the build, which contains a complete list of newly enhanced functionality as well as a list of known issues with the new services.

In a related vein, Microsoft has also recently added a new feature to its "Your Phone" app, which allows users to pin important notifications to the top of the notifications feed. A small change, but a very good one.

Our perspective

In any case, Windows Insiders can get a sneak peek at the new functionality right now. The rest of us will have to wait until some future build to see what the company has been up to on the videoconferencing front.

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By Denis Wilson and Melissa Stockwell

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