What does Gartner Group say about mitigating the effects?

I have just left a meeting with Gartner Group on just that subject: what are the possible effects of the conflict and how can I best position my small company to deal with those effects?

First the discussion set the stage for the various listeners. And the basic assumptions are that small business is underfunded on cybersecurity in comparison to enterprise, and that the conflict will have major issues for some businesses as the number of threat actors increases. Those major issues can and will spread to small business throughout the world.


Some specific issues that are evident

First, both Russia and the Ukraine have a variety of threat actors. In both cases, the state has significant cyberwarfare tools that have been at play and will get more heavily utilized.  They also both have a number of large and effective ransomware illicit gangs which are participating in events. This has caused an unprecedented number and types of threats and other actions.

As the IT blast radius increases, we are sure that it will affect business globally. A lot of new risks that have not been seen or have not been an issue previously. However, one of the things that we have seen in the United States is a new set of resource from the federal agencies who are now helping get information out to business. They are assisting clearing "the fog of war" a bit, both in sharing a lot of intelligence about the conflict in general, but also about the IT threat scenarios.


What can you do?

What you can do now, to prepare your business from becoming a casualty is:

  1. Understand that the IT blast radius is worldwide and can affect your business - There are a lot of new risks that have not been seen before
  2. Use threat intelligence and government guidance to prepare for attacks - CISA ShieldsUp
  3. Focus on what you can control - Don’t add to the fear, uncertainty and doubt.
  4. Be prepared with business continuity plans - Be aware that your principal risk may be your partners becoming incapacitated


My perspective

Get with your IT advisor and create a rational, complete business continuity plan. And take it seriously. We've seen the possibilities and they aren't pretty.


As Emeril might say: "Let's take it a step higher"


By Denis Wilson

Cybersecurity Expert, Small Business Technology Consultant, Managed Services Provider, Managed IT Support

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