We have moved from Los Angeles to Washington DC. The picture above was taken from the master bedroom of our new home above Aquia Creek, about 40 miles south of "The District". The move was not predicated on deeply researched business reasons. It was purely predicated upon personal reasons. My one, and only daughter had moved here after college, following a job offer from Booz Allen consultants. After two years and a house purchase, it became painfully evident that she was staying in DC.

Booz Allen subsequently moved them to a temporary (2 years) job slot in North Carolina, at the former Ft. Bragg now Fort Liberty, where my daughter's partner is working on a project. My daughter works remotely as a data scientists on a project for the FAA. So this left their house empty and we took the opportunity to move in.


DC Move Blog

I am starting a personal blog focused on my personal observations on the move. I will let all of you know where it will be and when it starts. I hope it will be interesting and fun for all of you.

For those from places other than DC, NoVA is the nickname for Northern Virginia. It covers the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC, and comprises several counties and independent cities. The region radiates westward and southward from Washington, D.C. With s population of 3,250,000 people as of 2023, the region includes 37 percent of Virginia's total population. The city of Fredericksburg and the county of Stafford are the most southern suburbs of the Washington DC region.

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park is a part of the National Park Service in Fredericksburg, commemorating four major battles in the Civil War: Fredericksburg, ChancellorsvilleThe Wilderness, and Spotsylvania. The area has a plethora of 18th century historical museums and landmarks as well. Many of these have to do with the George Washington and James Madison families who lived in the area.

I will talk to you again soon. And make your friends proud to know you.



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