VPNs are a principal security utility

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are used to give users remote access to resources on corporate networks. However, several factors have revealed incompatibilities between VPNs and zero trust security systems.

Businesses are worried that VPNs are becoming a severe threat to their operations. According to a report by Zscaler (a zero trust architecture expert), nearly half of information technology professionals have seen an increase in VPN attacks since moving to remote networks.

The Zscaler report surveyed more than 350 information technology experts working with international workforce companies. Sixty-five percent of businesses are considering VPN alternatives, and 80% of those are actively pursuing a zero trust security strategy.


What is zero trust security?

According to the zero trust architecture (ZTA), trust cannot be given to any user, device, or web app. Therefore, unlike a security infrastructure built on a VPN, every data exchange can be considered a threat.

ZTA is founded on three main ideas. The first step is to verify, authenticate, and approve every connection attempt consistently.

A second step is reducing risks; users and applications should only have the necessary access to complete their jobs.

Finally, a ZTA is created to minimize the impact of attacks and breaches.


My perspective

Recent high-profile breaches are showing VPNs have become a frequent target of cybersecurity attacks. Using a ZTA can help safeguard against the evolving threat landscape.


You're gonna' need a bigger boat in dealing with this


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